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New DLI/PDCA Dues Structure Kicks In

DLI and PDCA have a new dues structure to better meet the needs of members and potential members.

Gone is the old method of calculating dues according to the number of employees that members claim to have. Now, dues will be calculated according to the services that people want and actually use. To make payment easier, dues can be deducted in monthly credit card payments, avoiding an annual or semiannual big hit.

When your membership is due for renewal, you will receive an application explaining exactly what is included in each category, so that you can select the plan that best meets your needs.
Your current program will remain intact until your renewal date. Then you will make your decision about the level you choose. Or, you can move to a higher level at any time.

To see the costs and the benefits for each level, Click Here.

If you have any questions, call DLI at 800/638-2627.


New Officers Elected to PDCA Posts

PDCA has announced the new officers elected to steer the Association. Bill Nicolais of Spotless Cleaners in Dunmore was elected President, Mark Pollock of Signature Cleaners in Doylestown, Treasurer. George Stevenson of Stevenson's Cleaners in Altoona was elected Secretary and Dale Kaplan continued as Vice President for Government Relations. Good luck to all!

L-R: Mark Pollock, Signature Cleaners, Treasurer, Bill Nicolais, Spotless Cleaners, President, George Stevenson, Secretary, Tom Chido, Chido's Cleaners, Immediate Past President, Dale Kaplan, Kaplan's Cleaners, Vice President for Government Relations.


Join Affiliates and CLAE to meet Back-to-Back

For the first time, Executive Directors will have their annual meeting with DLI on the day before the meeting of the Cleaners and Launderers Association Executives meeting.

The JSA meeting is designed to update the leaders of DLI’s affiliated groups with the latest policies and programs of our national group. It also gives people the opportunity to express any wishes, concerns and ideas to DLI.

CLAE is composed of executives from variety of associations, included non-DLI groups and organizations that work in related textile care fields. Discussions are on a broad range of topics concerning association management, planning and problems. PDCA has been an active participant of the group for over 35 years.

Certification Tests Go Online

Are interested in getting your CPD, CED or CPW certifications, but found that the testing sites or date just did not work for you?

This problem has gone away, as DLI has moved the tests on line. There will be no more traveling, and the hours can suit your schedule.

The tests are a valuable tool that set you apart and tell your customers that you are highly skilled and well qualified to handle their garments.

In addition, the Certified Environmental Drycleaner exam will be tailored to let the candidates take the exam specifically created for the type of solvent they use.
For more information contact DLI at 800-638-2627.

Ideas for Added Services

What can bring more traffic into your store?

Here are a few ideas that you might use to increase your business, and your profits:

* Off season storage
* Hotel/motel valet service, including housekeeping items and uniforms
* Drapery and/or blind cleaning
* Carpet machine rental
* School sports or band uniform specialists
* Mold removal service
* Shoe and leather repair
* Lottery ticket sale
* Pillow Cleaning
* Hat Cleaning
* Selling accessories related to shirts, sewing, shoes
* Morning newspapers, coffee and donuts
* Wash and Fold service

Nominations for PDCA Officers

The nomination committee has presented a slate for the new term of PDCA officers.

Nominees are: President, Bill Nicolais, Spotless Cleaners, Dunmore, PA
Vice President and Treasurer, Mark Pollock, Signature Cleaners, Doylestown, PA
Secretary, George (Steve) Stevenson, Stevenson’s Odorless Cleaners, Altoona, OA.

Nicolais has previously served as PDCA’s vice president and treasurer. Pollock has served as secretary and treasurer. He is also the chairman of the Expo committee. Stevenson, a long-time board member of the board, is also an attorney, and authored the DLI guide on how to defend against claims. Tom Childo assumes the role of Immediate Past President.

If you wish to nominate anyone, please notify the office within the next two weeks, so that their names can be added. Elections will follow, by mail.

An invitation to PDCA Members
Are You a Good Cleaner? We Need Your Help!

Are You a successful Cleaner who can run a profitable growing business?
Could you spare a few hours for meetings 3 times a year?
Why not step up and help the industry that has been so good to you!
Donate a few hours of your time to make things better for all member Cleaners!

Enter your name or someone you know who could be an asset for the PDCA Board to be considered for an open seat on the board. Work with other like minded individuals to raise the professionalism and to grow the cleaning business for the benefit of all the cleaners who are members of PDCA and DLI.

PDCA is now seeking nominations of people you feel could help the industry by being part of its Board of Directors. Please take a minute now and help us work for a brighter future for us all.

Just send an email with the name to or call PDCA at 800 822-7352 and we will take it from there.

Thank You!
Dave Beatty, PDCA Past President

New OSHA Hazardous Communications Standards Kick In

PDCA members were notified by email about the new HazMat standards. DLI has prepared material to explain the difference and show members the new pictograms that will be used.

Why the change? OSHA revised its HazMat Communications standard to bring it in line with the United Nations Globally Harmonized System of Classification and labeling of Chemicals. This means that the same symbols will be used worldwide, eventually.

By now, you should have trained your employees on the new system and had them sign the Training Verification Form. Manufacturers will gradually replace their Material Safety Data Sheets with OSHA Hazardous Communications Standard Labels that contain the new pictographs.

Booth Sales Open for Expo 2014

Our Drycleaning and Laundry Expo is set for October 8 and 9. Booth sales have opened, and we already have commitments from many companies.

You can see the floor plan by selecting EXPO 2014 from the pull down menu at the top of the page.

Our Sunday seminar is set, and plans for Saturday’s are being formulated. The event will again feature a Friday evening casual get together and our signature Saturday evening cocktail party and reception.

Be sure to mark you calendar. This event is important for your business, and gives you the opportunity to network, learn and enjoy yourself. And it’s free to PDCA members!

From the Board...
New Graduates
Congratulations to Jason Feldman, The Clean Store, Malvern, and Scott Remai, Elegant Touch, Pittsburgh, who both completed DLI’s two week Advanced Drycleaning course.
Calendars Available
PDCA has a supply of Pennsylvanian Compliance Calendars that are required for all perc users. You must have one for each perc machine in your plant. The State has sent out one copy, but if you need any additional ones, call or email the office and we will send you what you need.
Join the Board
If you are interested in growing your business along with helping PDCA, you are invited to apply for a position on the Board of Directors. Directors meet in Harrisburg and, along with attending to association business, exchange ideas, learn from each other, and have a good time doing it. Call the office or drop us an email if you want to know more.