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PDCA Leads Fight to Prevent Sales Tax on Drycleaning

PDCA has spearheaded the effort to prevent the Pennsylvania sales tax from covering dry cleaning. Mobilizing members and using all its connections, the association was able to convince legislators that expanding the tax would be damaging to our small businesses.

The association provided members with sample letters, names of legislative contacts, talking points and petitions for customers to sign.

The state budget, which should have been approved by July 1, is still not settled, but the tax we have fought against has not been in any of the latest proposals.

We remain alert and ready to oppose any renewed taxes that would expand the tax to drycleaning.

Expo 2016 Opens Exhibitor Sales

Expo 2016 will take place September 24-25 at the Atlantic City Convention Center. Booth space is now available. Potential exhibitors should click in the Expo button at the top of the page for details.

The event will have some interesting innovations, as well as many of the features that have made it so popular in past years.

Meet the New PDCA Officers

New officers have been elected to head PDCA in 2016-17.

Mark Pollock of Signature Cleaners in Doylestown assumes the office of president. Years of experience and training have made him a specialist in stain removal and wedding gown cleaning and preservation. He previously served as treasurer of the association and has chaired our Expo trade show for many conventions. To read his first President’s Column for PDCA, go HERE.


George “Steve” Stevenson of Stevenson’s Cleaners in Altoona, is the new treasurer and president-elect, which means he’ll be assuming the presidential duties for the association during the 2018-19 term.


Taking over as secretary is Barry Gordon of Quality Cleaners in Lemoyne. The company is now in its third generation of ownership after having been originally incorporated in 1958.


Dale Kaplan will remain in the position of vice president for government activities. He is the owner of Kaplan’s Careful Cleaners located on Market St. in Camp Hill, PA. He originated the idea behind the grant program and coordinated our sales tax opposition.


Finally, outgoing president Bill Nicolais becomes Immediate Past President after serving as president for the past two years. Nicolais is the owner of Spotless Cleaners located in Dunmore, PA.

Balfurd Laundry Visit

Balfurd Laundry is one of the country’s most innovative laundry facilities. Members of PDCA can join the Board of Directors as we tour the modern and highly automated facility on Saturday, March 12 at 2 p.m..

Located at 467 Park Ave, Tipton, PA the facility is near the State College headquarters of Balfurd Cleaners. Because it is a Saturday, the plant will not be operating, but we will still be able to learn a lot about how this amazing produces its enormous volume.

If you would like to visit the plant, contact the office let us know. Our thanks go to Bob Fogelsanger for giving us this opportunity.

Open Board Meeting

Members are invited to attend the next meeting of the PDCA Board of Directors. It will take place on March 13, starting at 9:30 a.m., at the Nittany Lion Inn in State College, PA. You will be able to join in the discussion of your association’s legislative activities, seminar plans and Expo 2016, as well as other topics to help your business. .

Welcome New Members
Roy Wall • Got Laundry?, Lansdown, PA
Ansuya Patel • Dry Cleaning Factory, Levittown, PA

Like Us on FaceBook

PDCA is now on FaceBook. Be sure to look for our page, Pennsylvania and Delaware Cleaners Association. Check the Likeicon and get the latest updates delivered to you by FaceBook.

DLI Update

Some people are confused about the revised DLI membership categories. They don’t know why the change happened, or how to respond to it.

DLI CEO Mary Scalco opened the Expo seminars and explained the reasoning behind it. First, the DLI board felt it was fairer to base membership on the amount and type of services a company uses, not on their size. Secondly, they felt that the world has changed, and paying bills on line, in monthly increments, is a common and often preferred way of doing business. The third consideration was that, over many years, the number of dues categories, on a national scale, had expanded, with different rates for different areas, so that accounting had become a confusing nightmare.

The new system is simple, with basic standards. A cleaner chooses the category that contains the services he wants, then decides if he wants to pay monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually. Because the system is automated, after a member signs up, he no longer gets those annoying invoices months before payments are due.

If you have any questions about the program, you can call PDCA at 800/822-7352 or DLI at 800/638-2627.

Free Preparedness and Prevention Contingency Plan

Regulations state that all cleaners who use perc must have a Preparedness and Contingency Plan, for use in case of a spill or accident with the solvent. These plans, when written by a consultant or an attorney, can cost anywhere from $250 to $500. PDCA contracted to have a plan drawn up. It is available to members at no cost. To comply with the regulation, all you need to do is fill in your company information, following the instruction sheet that is included. Keep the form on file and be sure that your key employees read it and know where it is. Remember that missing paperwork is often cited in violation reports by inspectors. Members received the plan previously. But if you don’t know where yours is, or would like to have a new copy, contact the office and we will send one out to you.

From the Board...
We note with sadness the passing of Al DiPasquale, founder of Al’s Cleaners in Easton, at the age of 103. Al continued to work at the counter of his store until about 10 years ago. Our sympathies to his son Gary and the rest of the family. Sympathies go also to our president, Mark Pollock, on the passing of his mother, Irene. She served as first lady of our association when her husband, Phil, was president.
In the News...
Congratulations to the Lacarte family of Model Cleaners in Charleroi. They were featured in a recent issue of National Clothesline. The story related the history of Model Cleaners, and how it developed into the successful operation it is today.
A Friend in High Places
Congratulations to our past president Dave Beatty, of Murrysville Cleaners, who is now treasurer of DLI and will become its next president. He did a great job for PDCA, and we are sure he will accomplish a lot in his upcoming position.