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Maintenance Seminar

Presses,  Pads,  Productivity and Profit
Money Saving Tips That Prevent Downtime

Followed by a Wine and Cheese Networking Reception
Sponsored by FM Supply
March 14
1:00 p.m.
Hilton Hotel

More information and a reservation form can be found HERE!

Expo 2014 Was a Winner!

Bustling, wide-ranging exhibitsExhibit Crowds

Over 700 cleaners came to see the latest innovations in equipment and products. Exhibitors displayed the full range of equipment, supplies and services. There were some new faces and new ideas on the floor, along with the items that people expected to see.

Outstanding speakers

Saturday’s speakers discussed important management issues. Henry WD Parker, a leading expert on OSHA Henry Parkercompliance, gave details on how to conduct training and what compliance requirements are. He detailed the rules for Hazardous Communications, which apply to all the chemicals in the workplace, for bloodborne pathogens, for James Puesterrespirators, for lockout/tagout standards and more.
James Puester advised cleaners to increase their use of mobile devised to boost sales and service. He detailed ways to increase route sales without diminishing in-store sales.
Sunday’s topic was devoted to getting more customers. Ken Uchikoshi advised cleaners to learn how to target customers. He said that cleaners should emphasizeKen Uchikoshi that they are in the fashion care business. They should use the data form their computers to track their best and happiest customers. They need to show that their stores promote fashion care, not just price.
DonDon Desrosiers pointed out the large population increase by Gen Y’ers , who are reaching the age when they are contributing to the economy. And, he said, they have no idea how to perform the most common and basic forms of clothing care. This should result in more business for cleaners who know how to attract them.


Live demo sessions


Unipress and Sankosha provided live instructions during the exhibit hours. Liz Davies provided lessons on shirt finishing, addressing specific problems, during two sessions at the Unipress booth. And Jay Song demonstrated pants finishing at the Sankosha booth. Both sessions attracted crows eager to improve their techniques.



Free Stain Removal seminarsDan Eisen

It was a full house when Dan Eisen led two seminars on modern stain removal techniques. He discussed the general rules of spotting, the tools that should be used, and their proper use. He spoke about the four methods of stain removal and answered questions from the audience.


Thank you, Show Sponsors

Your generosity contributed greatly to the success of Expo 2014!

FM Supply ° Columbia Ilsa ° Frankford Equipment ° Firbimatic ° Kreussler ° Seitz ° Renzacci Cleaner’s Supply ° E.J. Thomas ° It’s My Bag ° Hudson Equipment
Sankosha ° Unipress ° Best for Less

DLI board meets with PBill Nicolas Bobby PatelDCA


PDCA was pleased that the DLI Board of Directors chose to have their board meeting during our Expo. They met with the PDCA board immediately before our welcome reception on Friday evening. This provided both boards with the opportunity to get to know each other, socialize and exchange information.


Like Us on FaceBook

PDCA is now on FaceBook. Be sure to look for our page, Pennsylvania and Delaware Cleaners Association. Check the Likeicon and get the latest updates delivered to you by FaceBook.

DLI Update

Some people are confused about the revised DLI membership categories. They don’t know why the change happened, or how to respond to it.
DLI CEO Mary Scalco opened the Expo seminars and explained the reasoning behind it. First, the DLI board felt it was fairer to base membership on the amount and type of services a company uses, not on their size. Secondly, they felt that the world has changed, and paying bills on line, in monthly increments, is a common and often preferred way of doing business. The third consideration was that, over many years, the number of dues categories, on a national scale, had expanded, with different rates for different areas, so that accounting had become a confusing nightmare.
The new system is simple, with basic standards. A cleaner chooses the category that contains the services he wants, then decides if he wants to pay monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually. Because the system is automated, after a member signs up, he no longer gets those annoying invoices months before payments are due.
If you have any questions about the program, you can call PDCA at 800/822-7352 or DLI at 800/638-2627.

Advantage Grant Program Opens

The Pennsylvania Small Business Advantage Grant program opened on October 6.
Drycleaners who want to purchase equipment that addresses pollution prevention or energy efficiency may be eligible for a grant up to 50% of the cost of the equipment, up to $9500.
Many equipment dealers are aware of the program and may be able to help with the application, which is available at, click on SBA Grant button.
DEP’s Bill Dunagan says the application and instructions have been simplified and should be easier to follow. He can be reached at (717) 772-5160.

Worker’s Comp Reimbursement Changes
Our legislative watchdog, Bob Stewart, reports that a recently passed and signed bill should save members some dollars in Workers Compensation. It prohibits doctor shopping. It also limits their maximum drug reimbursement rate.
Sales Tax Proposals
The last session of the legislature has seen a myriad of proposed changes in what is included in the Pennsylvania sales tax. Almost all do away with most exemptions, including those concerning drycleaning. Some of the bills attempt to replace property taxes with increased sales tax rates and coverage. We will continue to monitor what the new legislature proposes, and how those proposals are received. PDCA is a member of a coalition of business organizations that is actively opposing any changes that could be detrimental to our members. We will keep you informed of any changes or activities.

Free Preparedness and Prevention Contingency Plan

Regulations state that all cleaners who use perc must have a Preparedness and Contingency Plan, for use in case of a spill or accident with the solvent. These plans, when written by a consultant or an attorney, can cost anywhere from $250 to $500. PDCA contracted to have a plan drawn up. It is available to members at no cost. To comply with the regulation, all you need to do is fill in your company information, following the instruction sheet that is included. Keep the form on file and be sure that your key employees read it and know where it is. Remember that missing paperwork is often cited in violation reports by inspectors. Members received the plan previously. But if you don’t know where yours is, or would like to have a new copy, contact the office and we will send one out to you.

From the Board...
Great Speaker
Kudos to Bob Folgelsanger of Balfurd Cleaners in State College. He won praise for his presentation on “Selling to Professionals” at the 2014 Methods for Management Success Conference in Hilton Head in September.
Dunagan Moves to State Position
Bill Dunagan our “go to” guy at EMAP has taken a position at the Pennsylvania DEP. Bill’s specialty was helping people through the maze of state and federal regulations. His new job will enable him to do exactly the same thing, but on a larger scale. EMAP will continue to provide free, confidential help to drycleaners, with many of the same people working for you.
New Graduates
Congratulations to Gary Lofton, Young’s Cleaners, of Erie, PA, who successfully completed DLI’s Introduction to Drycleaning course, and to Monika Manter, of Balfurd Cleaners in State College, State College, PA, who mastered their advanced course.
Award winner
Congratulations to Kreussler rep Tom McAllister, a long-time volunteer fire fighter in his local company. Tom received the Whitemarsh Township Emergency Services Board Merit Commendation for his actions in getting EMS treatment for an individual who stopped at the firehouse in May 2014 with symptoms that Tom recognized as needing immediate, life-saving help.