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Exhibits, Seminars, Free Afternoon Sessions Highlight Expo 2014

Full Range of Equipment and Supplies on Display

A greater variety of equipment, supplies and services than have been shown before will be on display at PDCA’s Drycleaning and Laundry Expo 2014 in Atlantic City on October 18 and 19.

Over 100 booths have been sold already, and many will feature live demonstrations. This is the ideal place see and compare drycleaning and laundry machines, finishing equipment, computer systems and items to enhance and improve your business. Admission to the exhibit floor is free.
For the latest list of exhibitors, check out our Expo Attendee Page

Morning Seminars Designed to Increase Your Profits

How to Avoid OSHA Fines
OSHA inspections have caught many drycleaners unprepared, and serious fines have been issued. The leading expert in helping cleaners achieve compliance is Henry W D Parker. On Saturday morning he will lead a session telling you what you need to do, how to assure that your plant is up to the standards and how to avoid the pitfalls that can cost you serious money.

Competing and Winning in the Marketplace
Next on Saturday morning, James Peuster will present a new program detailing methods to help you understand competition, how to deal with it, and how to come out ahead. The Route Pro’s entertaining style gets his point across in a manner that has helped many cleaners increase their bottom line.

What’s Happening at DLI
DLI CEO Mary Scalco will open the Saturday morning program and will update you on the new policies and programs at our national association.

Make Your Business Stand Out and Be More Successful
On Sunday morning, Ken Uchikoshi, president of Sankosha USA, will share his observations on what makes some businesses more successful than others. He will draw on his experiences visiting plants all over the U.S. and the world, seeing first hand the differences that make for profitable businesses.

The Future Is So Bright You’ll Need Sungasses

Don Desroisers will update his sensational talk at the last Clean Show, telling you why cleaners should be optimistic about their businesses in the coming years. His Sunday morning talk will explain his positive message and why you should be looking forward to greater profits.

Free Afternoon Sessions On The Exhibit Floor

Modern Stain Removal
Industry expert Dan Eisen will present live sessions on modern stain removal on the exhibit floor. The free demonstrations on Saturday and Sunday afternoon will feature chemicals that have replaced many familiar ones that are no longer considered environmentally safe. Dan will demonstrate how to use them to get excellent results.

Meet the Experts
Speakers Henry W D Parker, James Puester, and Don Desrosiers will be available for questions and discussions on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, on the exhibit floor. A schedule of the times will be listed in the program.

Receptions Provide Food, Fellowship and Networking

Expo 2014 will kick off with a free welcome reception for those arrive on Friday. The get together will start at 6:00 at the Sheraton Hotel and will feature refreshments and a cash bar. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet with old friends and make new ones in an informal atmosphere.
The highlight of Saturday evening will be our traditional cocktail reception in the Treehouse of the Convention Center, starting at 6 p.m. The reception will feature hot and cold hors d’ouevres, carving stations, an open bar and a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Update on the “84 Lb. Rule”

Several months age a central Pennsylvania drycleaner was fined for not having a permit for his hydrocarbon drycleaning machines. He was told it was because his drying capacity was more than 84 pounds. When PDCA looked into this, we were told that the inspector was using an EPA requirement from over 40 years ago, when transfer machines were in use.

Most states have chosen to overlook that rule, since it is outdated and has no practical benefit. However, since the PA DEP has already issued a fine, they will retain the policy. Each region can decide whether or to issue a fine.

Here is what you should know:
If the combined total capacity of your hydrocarbon units is less than 84 pounds, you do not need to do anything.

If the combined capacity of hydrocarbon units exceeds 84 pounds you should apply for a permit. If you want to add an additional hydrocarbon unit, apply for the permit.
The cost of the permit, which is valid for five years, is currently $375. DEP regional offices issue the permits.

The Pennsylvania DEP has prepared a fact sheet, which is included in this issue. Contact information is listed on it.

Like Us on FaceBook

PDCA is now on FaceBook. Be sure to look for our page, Pennsylvania and Delaware Cleaners Association. Check the Like icon and get the latest updates delivered to you by FaceBook.


Gender Pricing Issue Arises Again

When President Obama slipped in a comment about his wife paying more than he does to have her shirts cleaned, it set off a renewed furor over that old issue. We all know that pricing should be the same for items that are processed the same way, without regard to who has worn them. However, the problem arises when a woman’s shirt cannot be finished on an automated press, because of style or size. Some cleaners will charge the same for a small plain shirt, simply to avoid problems with customers, while others take the time to explain the difference in cost. Members received PDCA’s poster, “Equal Pricing Policy” in their mailed issue. They can receive would like additional copies, by calling the office at 800/822-7352 or email us at

OSHA Inspections Are Ongoing

OSHA inspectors have visited drycleaners in our area. Some have been cited for violations. Here is a list of what have been the most common violations. Make sure that your plant takes care of all of these items.

The Top 22 Violations

  1. No written Hazard Communications Standard Program
  2. No Hazard Communication Standard Training Program
  3. No Lockout/Tagout program
  4. No Eyewash stations
  5. No Material Safety Data Sheets on site
  6. Electrical conductors not protected and openings not closed at electrical boxes
  7. No permanent or continuous electrical path to ground
  8. Improper use of electrical extension cords
  9. Exits not clearly marked
  10. Inoperable or improperly charged fire extinguishers
  11. No cover of electrical pull, junction boxes or fittings
  12. No written respirator program
  13. No fire extinguishers provided and mounted
  14. No marking of disconnects on electrical
  15. Improper labeling of chemical containers
  16. Lack of annual maintenance check for fire extinguishers
  17. Non use of respirators as required
  18. No emergency plan
  19. Compressed air above 30psi used for cleaning
  20. Reverse polarity of electrical conductor
  21. Lack of eye and face protection
  22. Material Safety and Data Sheets unavailable
From the Board...
New Graduates
Congratulations to Dawn Bates, Hershey Laundry & Drycleaning, Palmyra, PA who completed both the February/March introduction and advanced drycleaning classes at DLI. Monika Manter, Balfurd, State College, PA also completed the introductory course. Congratulations also to Tim Laskey, and Stephen Treichler, both of Model Cleaners & Uniform, Charleroi, PA, and Sonia Marrero, Hershey Laundry & Drycleaning, Palmyra, PA, on successfully completing the Ten Day Advanced Course. .
New Certified Professional Wetcleaner
Jason Feldman, of The Clean Store in Malvern, PA, has been named a Certified Professional Wetcleaner. Jason is a relatively newcomer to the drycleaning industry and is using the educational opportunities of DLI to help make his business professional and successful.
Local Stars
Gary and Carol Greenholt of Palm’s Cleaners in Hanover are featured separately In DLI’s new video, “Why Drycleaners Love DLI.” You can see the video at, under the Membership tab. It’s worth looking at.