Mark Pollock

President's Message

by George (Steve) Stevenson

First, I want to thank PDCA for the opportunity to serve as president and be a part of an organization that strives to provide continuing education and support to the drycleaning industry.

I am fortunate to have been a board member during the tenure of several past presidents committed to advancing the industry. I intend to keep that commitment ongoing.

The next two years will be a challenge for me and the board of directors as we continue to respond to governmental actions and market pressures to provide the most beneficial outcome to our members. Our goal is to maximize the value of a PDCA membership.

Another goal will be increasing our membership ranks. I am a firm believer in the power of word-of-mouth marketing. All of our members can help in this pursuit I encourage you to reach out to anyone in our industry (other cleaners as well as vendors) and let them know how beneficial a PDCA membership is.

A strong an active membership only adds value. I also encourage you to provide any feedback to the board that will allow us to better serve our membership.

Several occasions will be available throughout the year to meet and associate with the board and other PDCA members. We have some great seminars planned and our bi-annual Expo takes place this coming November in Baltimore.

Efforts are ongoing to make the Expo a “can’t miss” event. PDCA members have a wealth of knowledge, and an abundance of networking opportunities. Get involved; stay involved.

George (Steve) Stevenson

...from the Board

Pollock to Serve on DLI Board -
Congratulations to PDCA President Mark Pollock who has been named District Committee Representative for our area. This position gives an added voice from our area. The person holding it cannot vote, but can voice opinions and ideas.

Quick Answers Available
If you have a question or a problem and need DLI’s help, you can get a fast answer using DLI’s new LiveChat feature. When you log on to dlionline.org, the LiveChat box pops up. Simply type what you need to know, and you will get an immediate answer and can discuss your question with the person most able to help you..
Member in the News
Congratulations to Monika Manter and the folks at Balfurd Dry Cleaners in State College. They were featured in DLI’s Fabricare Magazine, which detailed their success in following up on the results of their Mystery Shopper.
You Are Invited
PDCA is Your association. We want to provide seminars that meet your needs and your interests. Your are invited to make suggestions and requests for seminars and meetings in your area. Let us know, and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Tech Talk

Differential shrinkage

Differential shrinkage occurs when only certain sets of yarns shrink on a garment creating a puckered appearance. Differential shrinkage can exist in fabrics constructed of yarns different in tension, twist, or fiber type. Very often, the differential shrinkage is severe enough to create a ripples or puckered appearance on the entire fabric. The drycleaning process is a total immersion process and cannot create shrinkage in only certain sets of yarns. Differential shrinkage can be controlled only by better stabilization processes during manufacturing. Shrinkage of this type occurs when the yarn has not been properly stabilized or preshrunk before the fabric is woven. Such shrinkage is often progressive and may not be noticeable until after several cleanings. However, in some instances, shrinkage will occur during the initial cleaning.
Reprinted with permission of DLI